Connie Etter Photography PRO 12:40am, 4 March 2011
First one this year!!!!

My first crocus bloomed March 2. I have about 300ish that will be blooming SOON. To celebrate Spring. If anyone wants to come to my place Sunday, March 20th 10 a.m.- whenever. You are more than welcome.

Hopefully everything will be blooming. (I can't wait to get this wknd over so we can get spring here!!!)

Leave me a comment if you want to come and i'll send you directions.
Rich.D Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Rich.D (member) 7 years ago
I wish I could make your photoshoots, but I have to leave on business this Saturday until May the 12th... yall have fun!
My calendar is marked!!! Always a great location to shoot, talk with other shooters, and relax! I'm dusting off my hibernation suit and ready to head outdoors!
generationD3/D810 7 years ago
Sounds good if the weather gets know i only get camera out when its 70 or above....LOL
Rich, no worries! We will have LOTS more!
moostang78 7 years ago
Can we bring guests? I may be able to make this one. Yeah me!
Sure thing! Bring anyone you want! We'll have a blast. We are talking about maybe having burgers and chips and or Starbucks, Mcd's, etc are 5-7 min from my house.
generationD3/D810 7 years ago
What!! steak and potato for your guests?
No Steak Brian!! You eat and run anyway. hahaha....

We are having a pitch in. Anyone want to bring anything? Anyone need directions to my house? Email me and i'll send them. K
Update--Approx 50 crocus's in bloom and 2 dwarf iris's. I'll have pansy's also. And of course be on the look out for:

"All the better to see you with!"
encouraging scale [deleted] 7 years ago
did ya say starbucks
generationD3/D810 7 years ago
Have some steak and will stay at least for desert......hahahahah
Making sure anyone that wants to come knows how to get here. We are having a pitch in. We are going to start around 10 and end about 3:45 or so...(you can stay longer if you want but I have to leave to go pick up flowers in Indy at the home show) Yea, i'm nuts I bought more...

Anyway, my cell is 317557-3929 if you need directions.
generationD3/D810 7 years ago
weather doesn't look inviting on this time Connie....look forward to better weather.....Me
SportMom42 7 years ago
Have fun! Wish I lived closer and I'd be there, but 6 hours is a littel too far. :) We have rain today and SNOW predicted for Tues - Wed. YUCK!
billowy income [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by billowy income (member) 7 years ago
Sorry we were late but here's an unusual photo from Connie's place
friday 3-16-11-349
Regular photo. Taken with a no 4 closeup lens mounted on a 70-300 vr lens
friday 3-16-11-328
Groups Beta