Indy Photo Coach 1:47am, 8 January 2011
This time of the year the days are shorter and we see more clouds and than sun. Some people refer to clouds as "nature’s softbox" because it produces similar diffused light like a softbox. This type of light makes images look "cooler" or look more blue (hence this weeks title).

The above example shows what a picture looks like as shot with a blue cast (left) and what the same image looks like when the white balance is adjusted with software (right). Basically what the white balance adjustment did was reduce some of the blue in the image and add some red.

Rather than trying to fight nature's lighting with software you can make that muted look work to your advantage. Muted colors are often used in fashion and other creative types of photography.


Take a picture on a cloudy day that makes use of the muted colors and soft light clouds naturally provide. Post your results here and they may end up in one of our newsletters!

Written by Trevor Warren

James Cormack 7 years ago
riley by JessicaRVaughnPhotography
Indy Photo Coach 7 years ago
Great examples you two!
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Helen Indy PRO 7 years ago
Ice Crystals-3
moostang78 7 years ago
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A Baby Icicle!
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I may be being a bit lazy and sorry if so. But is there a list of all the proposed assignments anywhere? I would love to take the list and have it with me wherever I go and just start working on them. I know they have all been posts and I can sort through them and compile. I just know with my schedule that won't happen.
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How do I post a photo? Do you cut and paste into this text box?
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Frosted Branches

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