{Ashley} @ Nine 23 5:59pm, 10 December 2010
So I did it, and I'm done with it! Phew, a lot of work was put into this wedding, but I've walked away with a great respect for wedding photographers and a lot more knowledge than I had a couple weeks ago.

I posted some photos here on flickr if you want to take a look.

However, the 2 that will be forever remembered by everyone are these. Why? The wedding was at camp Belzer in the Gyro hall.. you know, the one that burned down only 2 days after the wedding! My photographs are now the LAST EVER of the place. *gulp*


shelbyR 8 years ago
Congrats! It looks like you did a great job. He is / was a boy scout?
The photographer is always the worst critic.
I like the shot of the program. Nice DoF.
Have a Red stripe, Kilian's and a Coors light, you did it.
moostang78 8 years ago
You did wonderful for your first wedding. Seems like it was a fun one.
GillianSpring 8 years ago
You did a wonderful job! It looks like you had a fun couple to work with...they had style and you captured that well! Great lighiting, too!!!
{Ashley} @ Nine 23 8 years ago
thank you, thank you. It was so fun! I'd love to do more weddings. Of course I'm nowhere near being able to take on more than a few a year b/c of the work involved. I definately need to improve my post wedding workflow. lol

It also didn't help that at the moment I work days, my husband works nights, and the only time I had to edit was when I was by myself with our daughter, or when she went to bed. However I will be leaving my job in February, so I will have a more flexible schedule next year. :)
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