moostang78 6:20pm, 30 November 2010
Hi IPC friends! I know everyone is looking for a GREAT holiday gift and canvas prints are all the rave. I don't want to promote for the printing company on IPC's page, but I have used and LOVE a large format printer that does canvas prints for cheap cheap cheap!

Flickr mail me if you want the info. But before going through that trouble here is the scoop:

You have to "assemble" the canvas yourself BUT it is worth the effort and VERY easy to do. Things you will need:

***Stretcher bars which can be bought at local Michael's and/or Hobby Lobby for about $4...or online if you want to wait to receive them. (Be sure to buy the bars before ordering your canvas to ensure they have the sizes you want).

***Staple gun. Local Wal-Mart for $8-12.

***Canvas received from company with your printed picture!

They have custom sizes and standard size prints. The only catch is - it is a rolled canvas NOT a mounted canvas......meaning - the canvas comes to you flat as a pancake and you have to mount it yourself.

I did a 16 x 20 print for $24


a 12 x 12 print for $16. Can't beat that anywhere. Just thought I would throw this out there for anyone that may be interested. The shipping usually comes in 4 days. If you act fast - you could probably get prints in time for Christmas.

I can also post pictures of my handy work if requested.
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
would like to see what you have girl....shoot some my way
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