Indy Photo Coach 9:43am, 10 November 2010
74/365: I'd Like To Thank The Academy.

In this assignment take a picture that shows something you are thankful for and post the result here.

*Pictures submitted by 11/16 may be featured in next week's newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren

{Ashley} @ Nine 23 8 years ago
I'm going to try to participate in the one. Even if it's just with a picture from tonight's class, with the caption, 'I'm thankful for IPC". hehe
Silent Rhino 8 years ago
Thought this was appropriate for the timing of Giving Thanks assignment and Veterans Day!

Mac at Marion IN V.A.

My youngest at the Marion IN VA 2007
Indy Photo Coach 8 years ago
Thanks Ashley! We love to see that we're making a difference :)
pkeller6061 8 years ago
IMG_2330 by pkeller6061

I am thankful for my husband Paul and 1 year old son Ben.
billowy income [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by billowy income (member) 8 years ago
Arnie was the 1st pup of 5 out from Gracie may 18 2002. He passed away 1 month ago. We allready miss him..He was over 200lbs. looked like a bernise mountain dog even though mom looks like a border collie
Arnie chest out (1 of 1)wtmk
indykaleu 8 years ago
As a veteran, I'm thankful for all veterans and current active duty service members.

Honor Guard
Tom_Brown 6117 8 years ago
Though I'm thankful for all seven, only six grandchildren are shown here.

I'm a Grandfather
Trevor Warren 8 years ago
I am incredibly thankful for my wonderful wife:

The Missus
{Ashley} @ Nine 23 8 years ago
Ok, I didn't get t post one of the IPC class, we had no bride that night. :( But, here's one from a session I did on saturday.

I'm thankful for my big sister. While this is not us (obviously) it illustrates my point. hehe
MakolePhotography 8 years ago
I'm thankful for my two children. They light up my world each day and remind me to enjoy the simple things.

fall2010 by MakolePhotography
GMcCourtJr Posted 8 years ago. Edited by GMcCourtJr (member) 8 years ago
I am thankful for my 1 year old daughter.

untitled-5.jpg by GMcCourtJr
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