Connie Etter Photography PRO 9:42pm, 4 November 2010
having people over to my place Sat. (this Sat) For a social shoot if anyone wants to take pics of Waxwings, and other birds, plus anything else we can find.

Of course a pretty hawk was out today while I was filling my feeders and I didn't have my camera around my neck.

Again, if you would like to join us, put your long underwear on and email me for directions. Should be fun!

November the 6th, Martinsville, Indiana 11 A.m. - whenever....
indykaleu 8 years ago
I'm really hoping to make it this saturday.
Pearson,KyleD 8 years ago
I really wish I could make this one, its always nice to shoot with other people.
Another great social time, Connie!! Thanks for letting us come out again today! I had a lot of fun and it was great to catch up with you and enjoy the surroundings -- and quiet!!! :)
Quiet means A LOT to Lisa and I. hahaha....I think i'm Connie.busymom haha...Wish more of you could of joined us. We had fun! The birds were crazy.
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