Katesfate 1:41am, 10 October 2010
I was wondering if anyone has ever shot there before and if you liked it? Also, is it open to the public or do you have to be a BU Student or alum? I've heard before it is a neat place but haven't checked it out yet, thought there might be some IPC people who might know about it!! :)
moostang78 8 years ago
I have walked around Butler's campus and shot pictures before and no one has ever said anything. I have even shot photos inside the buildings. I don't know about the gardens though. Sorry.
{Ashley} @ Nine 23 8 years ago
It's open. I have done 2 sessions there. I even photographed a mom & daughter in the starbucks attached to the library a few halls down and no one minded. hehe
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
Thumbs down to Holcomb Gardens.....not being taken care of and run down when I was there a month ago.
{Ashley} @ Nine 23 8 years ago
I was just there a week or two ago doing a session with a mom & daughter, and I thought it was nice. It's is inbetween seasons, and we've had some pretty dry weather, so it's not as "pretty" as it is usually, but I thought is was still a nice place.
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