sabrinak61 1:40am, 24 October 2010
Hi everyone! I'm organizing a Help-Portrait ( event for this year in Hendricks County - close to confirming details with a shelter that I think will provide a great experience for our volunteers, and more importantly, the residents of the shelter. I hope to be able to share the details later this week.

I'm looking for photographers (obviously!), but also hair and makeup artists, printers, and one or two event coordinators to help us pull everything together.

Last year I worked with a professional photog from Plainfield and we shot at the nursing home where my father lives - he's in an Alzheimer's Unit and we shot the residents and their families. It was a beautiful, beautiful occasion, and I've no doubt this year's event will be bigger and better.

I have a conflict with the official H-P day of 12/4, so am looking at 12/5 or 12/11. But I am open to the needs of the volunteers as a group - so please consider joining us, let me know asap and we'll start the planning!

Sabrina Kapp
sabrinak61 8 years ago
Our location in Danville fell through and I had a few volunteers who were very interested in helping. If others have a plan in place, I'd be happy to pass the word along!
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