{Ashley} @ Nine 23 3:28pm, 9 September 2010
I'm probably jumping ahead of the game here since it's not even fall yet, but I'm thinking ahead to christmas potraits. I'd really like to incorporate all the lights downtown into some sessions this year. I did a few last year, and they turned out, decent, but I'd like to really master them this year. The problem I was having is finding the right balance of lighting, since the christmas lights are on only at night.

Any examples or advice for me? I may try setting some lights up in my backyard on a fence and playing around with it at night to see what I can come up with.
moostang78 8 years ago
Probably have to use some sort of strobing to get a balance otherwise it's going to be exposed one way or the other. I'm totally guessing here and have no examples to show. I really really really LOVE my Orbis flash ring. It's a nice soft light without causing horrible shadows. AND it's dummy proof. :o)
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