billowy income [deleted] 4:35am, 9 August 2010
Today i wanted to go out and shoot up the town.. My place of reference was Lilly Gardens. Have you ever been there? Its big. What i found out is i have a trek 1000 road bike. I converted it into a Hybrid today. Other then the tires make sure you have a seat with the springs under it. It will save your back.
I found out i had a carrying case for my tripod and i was able to strap it to my back. I have a rack that i place my camera gear on. After many lessons of putting my bike in the trunk i finally learned to get a bike rack. they have them at Dick's for 40.00. By the time i was able to get actually on the Road it was 3 pm. I finished at 630 pm and covered a lot of ground and met a lot of people. If you want to save your legs consider Bike riding. It was a blast and most the time i was on the grass or trails not the road. If your considering this make sure you get good tires and a puncture proof liner inside the tire. If anyone else has done this before please post because its something to consider doing with another photographer. I really enjoyed the day.
I did learn you can go there after 6 at the better part of the day which is something i will be doing in the future.
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