Indy Photo Coach 1:09am, 21 July 2010
100th Assignment!

In honor of our 100th Group Assignment, this week our assignment is (you guessed it) "One Hundred."


1) Capture something with one hundred or more objects.

2) Think about how patterns you encounter everyday that blend together until you get up close or illuminate it with a lot of light to reveal it's intricacies.

*Pictures submitted by Tuesday July 27th may be featured in our weekly newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren

Dr Freezo 8 years ago
Thanks so much for using one of my photos as an example. It's always an honor!
bmdoty83 8 years ago
Divot by bmdoty83

Alone by Aubray Deckard Photography
Helen Indy PRO 8 years ago
100s by Helen Indy
Trevor Warren 8 years ago
Ft. Vancouver
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