Indy Photo Coach 3:00am, 23 June 2010

In the first "Back to Basics" assignment we focused on planning how to compose, adjust your camera settings and produce a compelling image without relying on your preview screen or software after the fact. This week we're going back to what happens before even that, focusing on techniques see the potential of a picture before you even get your camera out.

We have all had the experience of taking a picture we think should be great only to see the end result and have it fall flat. If you still find yourself standing there wondering where all of the drama went here are a couple of tips:

- Before you even leave the house ask yourself what the equipment you're taking does especially well and keep an eye out for situations it's best suited. For example, if you're taking a telephoto lens it's strength is getting close to things that are typically out of reach like wildlife or sports action. If you're taking a point-and-shoot camera or even a cell phone, remember to use it's compact size to get up and into places a larger camera couldn't).

- Once you think you've found a good subject, before you grab your camera, close one of your eyes and look at it again. Now you're seeing things more like the camera which doesn't have the benefit of depth perception like we do. This is a particularly useful trick for landscape photography when after closing one eye all of the rolling hills turn into one muddled mess telling you it's time to find a better vantage point.


1) Use the techniques mentioned above to capture an image on your next photography outing.

2) Post one image that you did not think would be a good image after applying these techniques and one that still worked afterward.

3) Post your EXIF data if it's not available by default.

*Images must have been taken after 6/22/10

*Pictures submitted by Tuesday June 29th may be featured in our weekly newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren
moostang78 8 years ago
One I knew would turn out.


One I wasn't so sure but I think I like more..

Dark Secrets
Indy Photo Coach 8 years ago
Yay! You take first place! ;)

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