brash recess [deleted] 3:26am, 20 June 2010
I took David skydiving at Franklin Airfield. The name of the place is Jerrys Skydiving Circus off Airport Rd. Here are some photos i have developed so far..

david skydiving 02 june 2010 (2 of 1)
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
Here's a link i started for those who have skydived outhere or have photos of Skydiving
shelbyR 8 years ago
I'll play. I think this was 2000ish. The Greensburg airport.


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brash recess [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 8 years ago
whos that young lad :) did you do a tandem? You look calm kool and collective..
I had the opertunity to go up as an observer and take photos.. Heres one at 7500 ft
Inside the plane7-9 (3 of 3)
shelbyR 8 years ago
Click on the pic for info.
I did an assisted free fall.
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
oh you did a static line jump. Is that correct? I messed with it to and was able to do 30 jumps till i realized i was playing russian ruelet. I miss it though because frankly theres nothing Quite like it is there :)
shelbyR 8 years ago
I did one or two static jumps.
The assisted free fall, you have two guys flying beside you. You pull your chute and are not hooked together. They give you signals to keep you flying right. It's 1 minute of free fall.
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
I believe David made a few jumps with no chute?
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
I may start it backup. Nothing else like it..
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