brash recess [deleted] 1:55am, 11 June 2010
This was one of the best times i've had at a photo shooting. The lighting was perfect and these photos i'm sharing are fun shots including Sara are Guide.. Enjoy and feel free to post some shots here...
Meet Sara (1 of 1)

A smile goes a long way and this lady was having a good time
A smile says everything (1 of 1)
This couple was enjoying there walk plus they were holding hands
a couple having fun (1 of 1)

Little on the camera shy side
Camera shy (1 of 1)
moostang78 8 years ago
I didn't get to go because I only got the notice the day of :o( Sorry I missed it!
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
yes it was like that night i found out myself. Not sure why they waited so long to tell us about it BUT it was an excellent time. I love going shooting with others. Wish to have a list of who wants to go shooting over the weekends or at golden hour at nights
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
I too felt that not enough notice was given....saw the post Thursday morning....had other plans....why such a short notice?
shelbyR 8 years ago
I believe it was stated in the news letter last week, Social shoot June 10 Downtown. It may have even had a time.
The dates are usually given ahead of time, and the meeting place is given a day or two in advance. I think it gives it a bit of a secret agent feel.
After all it is FREE!
Indy Photo Coach 8 years ago
Yes, we admit it was more on the last-minute side. With some of the requests of the Cultural Trail, we were working out the practical procedures. We'll make sure to get the announcements out a little earlier next time.

Thanks for the feedback!
moostang78 8 years ago
Just for the record - I wasn't complaining! I missed the date and preparation. I'm not blaming IPC. :o)
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
By the way Sara was excellent Guide so to speak. She fit right in with us and we had fun shooting. Like a bunch of kids at times...The people we shot had fun with it too. Met someone who lived in San fransisco, Cal. He was saying its scary driving there. You have the red light then you drop 180 degrees...I would love to shoot there over a weekend.. Fly out friday night rent a car be back sunday evening..
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