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CLOSED Assignment #93: Picture-In-Picture

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Photography is all about making choices. The choices we make before, during and after capturing an image determine the impact of the final product. When it comes to composition you actually have two opportunities to make your choice but as usual the best time is when you're standing there with your camera in hand.

For this week's assignment we are going to work on composing images the right way the wrong way, by cropping. As you will soon see in the sample image I've provided, there are virtually infinite potential images in the scene you're presented with.


1) Download the 5MB high-resolution version of the image (right-click and select Save Link As… or Save Target As...)

2) Analyze the image and in your image editing program of choice crop the image to represent how you might've composed it had you been there at the time.

3) Post your result here

*Note: I intentionally blurred the faces of the people in the photo so do not worry about image quality. This is strictly an exercise in composition.

*Pictures submitted by Tuesday June 8th may be featured in our weekly newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren

Originally posted at 3:19PM, 1 June 2010 PDT (permalink)
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