Connie Etter Photography PRO 7:30pm, 18 June 2010
Before my vacation (a couple wks ago) I talked to Dave about a possible nature shoot/pitch in. He thought it was a good idea. I wanted to see how many of you would be interested.

My in-laws have 60 acres of woods we could walk and take pics. Included on that they have a LARGE lake and shelter house. We can grill out etc.

If some of you are interested in starting at my house first and take flower pictures (as you know I have multiple gardens) They kinda went nuts while I was gone so i'm in the process of getting them back in order.

Date we are looking at: Sunday July 11th. (Martinsville, IN) I decided a Sunday would be the best date so we could invite our friends at Roberts Imaging.

Let me know if you would be in for the Shoot/pitch in.
I would love to come! Would it be just for photographers or would families be welcome to come too? I have 3 kids that I rarely leave with anyone.
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
Will be on vacation then...not sure how safe martinsville is.....LOL....if the sun is shinning...will be there
Connie, I've got it on my calendar! Yeah!!!
You can bring your family also fine with me. Kids can play in the lake with supervision.

Closer to the date i'll give directions! If you guys like it and want to do it again in the fall with all the trees changing it is beautiful! The reflection on the water is amazing.

Keep posting if interested and we'll decide. I'd like to have at least 7 or so confirm. If we don't we'll wait until the fall.

I'll check back later...
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
connie sounds like a plan. Count me in too
RGEEBLUES 8 years ago
Ah! I'm shooting a wedding in Avon that day. And I live in Martinsville. I will do the fall one.
mspencer250 8 years ago
Sounds great... count me in.
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
so whats the verdict Connie?
Well, Looks like there will be a small group. We can do the shoot if everyone wants. Not sure how big our pitch in will be?? Anyone else game???
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
6 peps=10acres a person....LOL
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
OK...kinda slow this on or not?
Lets do it! We can do it now and again in the fall??? I will send you a email with the directions to my house. I have as you know 6 acres with TONS of flowers, a stream (a blue heron was down there the day b4 yesterday) all other birds...and FLOWERS like a park. Anyway, we can start here and then go to my in-laws?

I was thinking maybe like 10 or 11? or would you rather do it in the late aftn??? Just thinking about the harsh light on the flowers. Or we could start in the woods (there was tons of mushrooms and butterflys etc) And chiggers...I suggest you bring something to sit on to take pics...

Lets decide on a time...morning? early eve?? and do we want to have a small pitch in?

Going to send directions. If anyone else wants to come email me or leave a post. Open to all.
You are more than welcome to start early! (I get out of bed around 9 though. haha) I can show you around. Anyone else want to get up that early or is Shooters by himself?

There's enough flowers, birds and bugs to shoot till everyone gets here! (and then some!) Shooters I can sit my hunters/shooter tent up for you and you can shoot birds?? (with your camera)

Anyway, let me know....Anytime is fine. I figured we'd start here then go to my in-laws.
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
You know they say the best time to shoot landscape is the Golden hours but i still havn't been able to drag myself either to get up that i just figured were getting up early to shoot out there why not get up up when the birds do anywhos 10 am fine with me unless i can find someone else who wants to start early. Not likely unless D3 wants too.....
You are more than welcome to come whenever! Sun does get harsh on the flowers from 11-3 on one side then when it moves the light is good. I have flowers all over so morning and eve are good. Birds don't like it much during the hot sun so early and eve there are best. (as you prob know)

So, we can go around 9ish? Shoot flowers for awhile...then go to min in-laws. Shoot there and break for lunch. Do we want something fast and easy? We have grills. Could do Dogs? Chips?? OR...Fast food is 10 min from the property.

Then we could come back to my house after and shoot the other side of flowers/birds etc (that the harsh lighting has moved from)
YOu will understand what I mean when you see the lay out.

Chiggers are BAD so.....bug spray and or long pants! Spray bottle if you want some waterdrops on flowers.

Macro and long lens???
csw92010 8 years ago
If it's not too late to RSVP, I'd love to join the fun....I've been out of touch for the last couple weeks - major photo gig and then hosting family from out of town. Not too long ago, someone on this sight offered the suggestion (for large group shots) to have everyone shut their eyes and open on the photographer's count of worked like a charm!! Not only do I have multiple shots with all eyes open (18 ppl plus two dogs), but they all have happy expressions because they thought it was hilarious. Thanks much to whoever posted that little gem of advice. I assume the dogs were happy bcuz their people were happy..;-)
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
if this is going to be an all day event what about pitching in for a picnic! or keep it simple and just go somewhere close by
Makes not difference to me. Not many coming. So we can either do a small pitch in or run to fastfood between location shoots? Starting at my house first then going to the in-laws. Will keep everyone busy for a long time. Or we could go there first and end up here with flowers? let me know the preference. For sure its tooooo sunny here between 11-3ish. (here meaning my house)

Thought we could start between 9:30 and 10 and end whenever...
generationD3/D810 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by generationD3/D810 (member) 8 years ago
will probably come in on the if we just do hot dogs or such...would work for me....LOL
Going to be hot out!! Anyone want to start later in the eve when it cools off? like around 6 or so? or do you still want a.m. OR do you want to wait till Fall? or both?
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
lets wait till fall
encouraging scale [deleted] 8 years ago
its pretty dang hot connie not that i cant handle it.But i do think that will limit the time for being out.The sun is really harsh at mid day this time of yr.My vote would be wait till fall and have a nice gathering at brown county state park and your place.
brash recess [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 8 years ago
I would consider maybe around 6 pm. You can get a lot of shots in 3 hours. Have other engagements but later on it will be cooler and projected high is only 84 for the day
How about this.....IF you are bored on Sunday and want to come shoot flowers in the eve at MY house. We'll skip my in-laws and do that in the fall. But...How about 6:30 @ my by 7 the birds will come out to eat some.

So, email me if you are in for this SUNDAY the 11th at 7 p.m. Most of you that posted have my address. If we have any new folks i'll send you my address.

Hopefully it will be alittle cooler at 7??? and that will give us a couple hrs to shoot. (I have some lillies that just started blooming lots of other flowers. Oh, and in the eve. I have about 10 dragonflies and tons of butterflies. SOOOO....let me know...

As for the fall shoot...we can schedule it when the trees start changing. The reflection is amazing.
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
i am close to the greenwood mall i can handle about 4 more people if you want to do some shooting. We can meet there by Pennys and TGIF. TGIF is open till midnight i believe. We can meet at 6 pm. It will take about 45 minutes to get there from 37
Ok, I need to weed alittle more before Sunday. How many are in for Sunday around 6:30? I have more than enough flowers and wildlife to shoot here...Lighting should be good at that time for at least 3 hrs.
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
ok i'm in
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
hmmmmm....r u feeding us too?
sabrinak61 8 years ago
Would love to join you all but we're on vacation and will just be getting home. Enjoy!
Ok then....What we'll do is shoot at my house on Sunday start between how about 6 p.m. to whenever. I have TONS of flowers. Stargazers just opened today and some more to come. I have some flowers that are still in pots (has been to hot to put them in the ground. SO....We can move them to good lighting which is a plus (cheating on the bokeh but a plus) haha...

Brian do ya want me to make you a burger on the grill??? haha....Let me know if you guys want me to fix you something or if you will stop prior to coming.

I know Brian said hes going to come, Lisa, Shooters, Mark? CSW?

Long pants or bug spray if you want to walk the creek (bugs are thick)

Hopefully my hummers will pay us a visit. (its a waiting game with them though)

If I didnt' send you my address and or directions email me and i'll send them. Guess I should go out and weed alittle huh? PS no taking pics of weeds! haha
Headed back out to weed...Wow is it warm out. If anyone else wants to join us for the shoot tomorrow eve. Email me and i'll send you directions.
Connie Etter Photography PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Connie Etter Photography (member) 8 years ago
Weeds are all gone (for the most part) And the poison ivy that I found. Lets hope double gloving worked! If you missed the shoot and are interested. We'll plan another shoot in the fall. Changing of leaves etc. (and a pitch in??)
Thanks to everyone that showed for the special shoot. I hope we have lots more next time. For those of you that missed it...You would of loved the flowers, bugs (heat) haha....We'll plan it again in the fall. Then we'll have lots of color!
generationD3/D810 8 years ago
had a good time and quick visit....heat was alittle bit to bear...was able to get a few good captures....TKS to Etter family Gardens....LOL
brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
connie a lot to take in in one photo shooting. Would like to have a 500 lens for DAT little Humming bird :)
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