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CLOSED Assignment #95: Painting With Light

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Indy Photo Coach is a group administrator Indy Photo Coach says:

Settings: 2 secs, f/22, ISO-400

"Painting with light" is a fun thing to do with your camera that also teaches you about configuring your camera settings. The technique is accomplished is by setting your shutter speed much slower than you would normally use it. For example a typical shutter speed for every day shooting might be 1/125 of a second. In the example image I set my camera* to 2 full seconds (i.e. 250 times slower than normal).

To set your camera's shutter speed you must be in either Manual (M) or Shutter Priority (S or Tv) mode. With most cameras once you're shutter speed is down to whole seconds at a time two quotation marks appear next to the numbers.


1) After adjusting your camera's shutter speed capture an image that makes use of those settings. You're not limited to direct light, there are many ways to apply this technique (see our previous Silky Waterfalls assignment).

2) Post your results here along with the settings used.

*Images must have been taken after 6/15/10

*Pictures submitted by Tuesday June 22nd may be featured in our weekly newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren

Originally posted at 6:32PM, 15 June 2010 PDT (permalink)
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moostang78 says:

Final Glowstick
99 months ago (permalink)

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moostang78 says:

Woops didn't see taken after 6/15/10. I'll do another.
99 months ago (permalink)

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Trevor Warren is a group administrator Trevor Warren says:

Pretty darn good though!
99 months ago (permalink)

brash recess [deleted] says:

I took this photo back in june 2009 at a photo shoot. This photo has always intrigued me and has been a favorite of mine

Design by light
98 months ago (permalink)

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Aubray Deckard Photography says:

 by Aubray Deckard Photography

Shutter speed of 5 seconds, f5.6, iso 1600 at 54mm.
98 months ago (permalink)

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Serge Melki says:

I know the date taken does not match. but been swamped with other things and the idea I want to make I couldn't because of all the rain.

I heart DC

this was handheld in Paris.
I heart Paris

this one using sparklers
Kids at play
98 months ago (permalink)

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