brash recess [deleted] 11:27pm, 20 May 2010
Some people you just have to talk about and Ron is one of those People. As i was having my Sensor cleaned he told me a little about himself how he was a photographer in the Navy. 20 years at it and leanred also how to repair them. In the Army its the M16a1. Well in the navy its your camera for Ron. Ron has a Camera repair business off 82nd & Allisonville rd. He charges 30.00 for sensor cleaning + i had him go through my lenses (3) and he cleaned them up to. So for 50.00 he provided this awesome service. Last year he cleaned a sensor for me and this year he returned the favor. The good thing about it he was done in about 45 minutes and i picked up my 5d.
Heres the website for him and picture of Ron at work..
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