MereGradle 12:45am, 15 April 2010
Hi all!

I have two family portrait sessions coming up! These will be my first 'real' sessions, so would love some advice on posing!

Post your favorite family/children images to help me with inspiration!

Would also appreciate any advice!

KHaus 86 8 years ago
When shooting children, I like to have them on location in a park or in their backyard. Older kids can play and you can get some really good, natural shots of them as they play. Babies can be set up in the grass or on benches, and then shoot them as they play and explore. Kid shots are much more memorable when they are natural, and besides, kids don't sit long anyway!

 by KHaus 86
Trevor Warren 8 years ago
I would just say that it's better to come off a little bossy and get the shot than not get the shot. Mostly applies to groups of 4 or more.
MereGradle 8 years ago
Good tips! Today I'm shooting a 9 month old - so I think the natural shots will be mostly what I'll capture. But in a few weeks I'll have a family of 5 - so being bossy may need to come into play then. :)
Trevor Warren 8 years ago
Sometimes if you can time it right, when they fall down it looks like they're posing.

MereGradle 8 years ago
Ha - good call! Yesterday, the 9 month old I shot kept falling backwards while sitting in the grass. It was hilarious. She didn't want to let her legs touch the grass!
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