Trevor Warren 2:53am, 2 April 2010
Lately some of you have taken notice that I'm never at any of the IPC events. It occurs to me that I may never have formally introduced myself to the group.

So, the main reason you haven't seen me at events is because I actually live just outside of Portland, OR where I have a small but growing photography business yet still primarily work doing freelance technology projects. It was in that capacity I became involved with Indy Photo Coach back in December of 2008.

Since then I've been lucky enough to see how much some of you have come to really love photography and that keeps me participating in this group even on my own time.

I wanted to invite other members to introduce themselves too. Not just for me but for anyone else who has recently joined the group. So please feel free to stop by and:

- Tell us your name
- What you hope to accomplish in the group
- Your favorite thing about taking pictures

My favorite thing about taking pictures is occasionally capturing something that would never have been seen if it weren't for a camera.
sabrinak61 8 years ago
Hi everyone! I'm Sabrina, and I've taken two IPC classes, followed by my first social shoot last night. I learn by seeing, so essentially I learn by looking at others' photographs, and then applying what I see to my own efforts. My favorite thing? The process of slowing down enough to look at things with different eyes.

Looking forward to getting to know others of you!
brash recess [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 8 years ago
Sabrina thats it in a nut shell. Thats where you become hooked on photography. Learning to see things different Making it simple and keeping to the subject. Welcome aboard. IPC will be able to help you on that road to discovery :) Checkout our monthly gatherings. Thats where you can relate with other photographers
OH I'm David Scott and have been with IPC since 08' I have to admit i'm an addict. I can't stop shooting and trading
Between IPC and NYIP i have learned the basics and even more. My newest venture is HDR...I am located on the southside of Indy. As of now i have no Camera ( major withdrawels).
I am leaning on Indianapolis Camera Club more to join..Brian is the one who brought me there as a Visitor. Good bunch of people as well.
I am looking forward to actually getting to know others personally here in IPC.. I would like to eventually Become a professional Photographer but that remains to be seen.. Getting feedback on your photos helps you see where you are in your Journey.
Stewart Imagery 8 years ago
Hi! I'm Stephanie Stewart, I've been addicted to photography since the summer of 2008, when I took my first class with IPC. I went home excited, yet frustrated, since I didn't know how this DSLR-thing worked, yet I was so eager to take some 'real' photographs! It's been a fun, challenging journey so far! I read a lot, I shoot a lot, I yearn to grow more and more. Since losing my job in '08, luckily after finding this passion of mine, I'm making it my career. Yes, I've got a looooong way to go, but I'm excited, so very excited about it! Doing what I love every day is very important to me. I think I've gone off on a bit of a tangent here, so I'll get back to answering the questions!
What I hope to accomplish in this group: keep finding inspiration, keep learning new things, and share this addiction with other photo enthusiasts.
My favorite thing about taking pictures: Freedom! Being in control of how you compose and frame an image. And I love to show people that they are beautiful, making people smile is like the icing on the cake. Or like the bokeh in your favorite image!
moostang78 8 years ago
I'm Miya Evans. I took classes with IPC summer of '08 as well. I have always loved taking pictures but not necessarily "artsy" type pictures. Now I like the more obscure off the beaten path kinda of stuff the most. Anything different is what I like. I still think I "luck" into it most of the time. I would love to continue learning more and more and different techniques. Work out my fears of the unknown.

I love the Flickr group and meeting the new students and other local photographers who are interested in the same thing. I would love to learn others techniques and secrets to getting that one shot that I just really love but don't have the skills myself to get. I have learned a lot from the members here and they are very helpful.

My favorite thing about taking pictures is - you see the world completely different. Something that may have been ugly at first sight is actually really beautiful if you take the time to find it. Makes me believe everything is beautiful in their own way and I can capture that.
generationD3/D810 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by generationD3/D810 (member) 8 years ago
Have been called by many names...Brian Faux is my given name. Have been into Photgraphy for over 35 years. Came over to Digatal 5 years ago. Still learning after 35 years and will continue to do so.
HDR is my bag right now, but on occasion may shoot some SOOC.
Like to take time to see others endevors here on IPC, and offer advice from time to time to help others from my experances over the years....LOL
JessicaRVaughnPhotography Posted 8 years ago. Edited by JessicaRVaughnPhotography (member) 8 years ago
My name is Jessica Vaughn. I have been in love with photography since I got my first camera at age 7. I took some time away from photography as I have been busy with 3 kids. I missed it! I learned on film and am adjusting myself to the world of digital. I've just started learning photoshop in the last year and I am addicted! I am inspired by everyday life.
I love flikr and being inspired by other photographers and learning something new! I like to meet people who are interested in the same things and who like to trade tips. This group has been so inspiring to me and I have learned some new things. There is nothing better than inspiring one another and helping each other learn.
My favorite thing about photography is that looking at a photograph can take you back to a place in time. I love creating memories....I'm super sentimental! And I love to find the beauty in ordinary things.
nathanrhoades PRO 8 years ago
Nathan Rhoades.... I bought my wife a Rebel for mothers day four or five years ago. The camera became mine and I started working on being able to take pictures of the kids playing sports. Now I love to play around with all kinds of photography and have upgraded cameras twice and am constantly working on expanding my glass collection.
GillianSpring Posted 8 years ago. Edited by GillianSpring (member) 8 years ago
Howdy, I'm Gillian Spring, first grade teacher and photographer.
Photography, for me, was by accident. Just before my photo classes in the summer of '08, I was really getting into painting murals and other forms of art. I found with photography I am able to use all of the same artisitc elements. I never saw myself as becoming a photographer. But here I am. I am always striving to learn more and push myself. It's my hobby, my passion, my release, my stamp on the world!
Flickr, especially this group, has given me lasting friendships and connections. I adore my photography friends. I love watching others grow and learn on Flickr. I am here to learn and share, to inspire and be inspired!
My favorite thing about taking photos is that I am able to turn the chaos of the world off. I get into this's just me and my camera. I also love working with all sorts of amazing people. People are beautiful.
Trevor Warren 8 years ago
What do you teach Gillian?
Divemama 8 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Kim Holmes and I took two different IPC sessions last year. Last Wednesday was my second social shoot. I did the Damar Christmas outing in December.
If I look back, I've been taking pictures since I was a kid. Have an awful lot of photo albums. About 3 years ago a friend encouraged me to enter the State Fair. I ended up with images on the wall and truly got "hooked". I've got long way to go, but it has given me a whole new "eye" on things. Looking forward to meeting everyone at other classes and other social shoots. I love the input from those sessions.
csw92010 8 years ago
Hi all, my name is Cheryl and I'm new to IPC. Just took my first private lesson last week and plan to take classes and, hopefully tag along on some social shoots. i've been taking pictures a long time and have recently started doing childrens/family portraits to gain experience. I hope IPC can help me "step out of the box" and become more confident and willing to take chances on new techniques and subject matter.
Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Rooney. I try to keep myself focused and learn a little something more each week from discussion, assignments, and/or inspiration from everyone. I love the support this group provides either in feedback, friendship, hints/techniques, and just all around good vibes. My favorite thing about taking pix is the quiet beauty life brings. Being a mom of 4 kids (from 17 to 5-1/2) I try to show my kids the little things around us everywhere that they may take for granted. I love learning every time I go out to shoot.
shelbyR 8 years ago
Hello, my name is...Shelby Thompson. I have always been interested in photography and I needed a cheaper hobby. My wife helped me take the first step, with my first father's day present. I think it was for her too!
I stumbled onto IPC in a d40 information class. I quickly signed up for the first class I could find, Shoot the night. I didn't know anything other than the "green auto" . Not one person looked down their nose at me. That spoke volumes.
The simplicity, casual atmosphere , and willingness of everyone involved to help, just brings me back every time, all I need to do is supply the time :')
I look forward to seeing everyone's photos.
Hello there, I'm Connie. I'm a retired IMPD Detective. I was on the force 9 years before getting injured. (Long story) I had to medically retire in 08. My mom bought me my first DSLR for my retirement gift. 2 camera's later and LOTS of lens..I have fallen in love with photography. I took the basic class with IPC last summer (which got me out of Auto mode, haha) I'm a wife, a mom of two and....a Shutterfly Guru ( As you can see I love nature photography!!!

Love the social outhings!!!!!!
thomas j mc 8 years ago
Hey all! I'm TJ. I took a private class with Jeff West last year. I got into photography about 3 years ago and just love every bit of it. This winter things have been pretty crazy for me (1 hospital stay and a chimney fire among others) so I haven't done as much as I have wanted to, but things are going good now, the weathers nice and I hope to finally make one of the social shoots so I can finally meet some of you. I also plan to take some more classes. I really like this group, because so many of the people i've met on here are amazing and helpful and friendly. I see the amazing work you all do and it makes me want to get out there and try it too.
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