Indy Photo Coach 2:19am, 10 March 2010
82/365: I'll Follow You Into The Dark.

Creative use of shadows can do many different things to your photographs. They can obscure a busy background, add drama to a portrait or create a surrealistic effect.

Use of shadows in photographs is best done when there is a high level of contrast on the subject, otherwise it might just look like a poorly exposed image rather than a deliberate effect.

Some things to note about modern digital cameras that can make capturing good shadows somewhat tricky:

1) Most modern cameras now have "dynamic lighting" functions that by default attempt to brighten dark areas of an image to produce a more even exposure.

2) Digital "noise" is most prominently visible in dark portions of an image.

To compensate for this do the following:

1) Turn off your cameras "dynamic lighting" function if present

2) Set the ISO to it's lowest setting to minimize noise

3) Use a bright focused source of light (e.g. flash with a snoot, light from a doorway) and spot meter the lightest area


Take an image using shadows either for dramatic effect or to draw attention to the subject of your photograph and post the results here.

Note: results posted by 3/15/2010 may be featured in our weekly Newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren
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This was actually in doors
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Trevor Warren 8 years ago
My friend shared her spring garden..
mom2tylerwolf 8 years ago
Here is a photo that I took of my niece and her boyfriend. It didn't turn out exactly how I wanted, but it was my first attempt at this...

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Winter Sunset by Helen Indy
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