Indy Photo Coach 7:54am, 17 February 2010
Gillian Flare - And she has A LOT

On overcast days, it is easy to photograph children or adults illuminated by the sun. However, on a clear day, it becomes a problem. If you have your subject face into the bright sun, he or she end up squinting and having harsh shadows under their eyes. To remedy this:

· position your subject in the shade or have the subject's back to the sun.

· set your flash to the fill position or to the position where it will fire each time you press the shutter button.

· hold your viewfinder's circle or rectangle on your subject, press the shutter button half-way down.

· Recompose your subject in the viewfinder and finish pressing the shutter button.

Using the above tips will improve your mid-day direct light photography by eliminating the squinting and harsh shadows.


The next time you take direct mid-day photos, use the above tips to capture the photos.
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