Indy Photo Coach 4:46am, 3 February 2010

In many pictures, the subject is so far away from the camera, that it gets lost among all the other competing elements. The old advice of "fill the frame" is still as good today as it has been in the past. To fill the frame, either:

* Zoom in on your subject
* Move closer to your subject.

By doing so, your subject is the only element in the viewfinder and the viewer will instantly recognize it as your subject instead of looking all over the picture trying to find it.


1. Select a human subject.
2. Zoom out and take a picture.
3. Now zoom in so just your subject fills the viewfinder and take another picture.

Now compare the two and notice how much easier it is to identify the subject in the second picture where you zoomed in.

Filling the frame with just your subject dramatically improves your photos because it allows your viewers to instantly recognize the subject in your photos.

Written by Ron Kness
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