Indy Photo Coach 5:47am, 20 January 2010
Shutter speed controls motion. You can show motion of moving subjects in two different ways:

* To show motion as a blur, select a slow shutter speed.
* To show motion stopped, or frozen in time, select a fast shutter speed.

There isn't a "correct" answer as far as how to show motion; this is part of the creative side of photography. The photo is correct if motion in the photo is shown the way you, as the photographer, wanted it (or envisioned it), shown.

For this assignment, select a moving subject such as water flowing in a stream. Set your camera's shutter speed to a slow setting, such as 1/30 sec. Take a picture. Now set the shutter speed to a fast shutter speed, such as 1/250 sec. Take a picture of the same subject. Now compare how motion is depicted differently in the two pictures.
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Combine traveling home after days work.
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Cataract Falls
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These are sooc and my son loved helping out :)


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The fountain at the World War II Memorial in Washington DC.
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