brash recess [deleted] 3:45pm, 25 December 2009
Wow you talk about a challange. I'm
I don't have CS3 or 4 but i did download gimp. There new version which is suppose to be user friendly. I understand the philosophy
of layers but still i'm trying to put it all together. Trey Ratcliff mentioned that everytime he takes a hdr shot he runs it through layers of pictures mostly because of the backgrounds like skies.
I have made it a point this long holiday weekend to learn about masking and layers. Any help would be appreciated here.. Also Merry Christmas " Jesus is the Reason for the Season"
moostang78 8 years ago
It would be easier to answer questions if you have a specific question. Just asking for help in general - well...that leaves it wide open. I work with layers a lot in PS. I don't know much about gimp though or HDR...but I can try to help if you have a specific question :o)

Hope everyone had a great holiday!
brash recess [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 8 years ago
ok i'll give it a shot. I have a picture i processed in raw. Then i took it through hdr. then back to lightroom but the hdr process leaves the background noisy mostly clouds. It would be nice to run layers with the picture as well and a picture used from the hdr with more light to it and no noise in the clouds. HOw do i go about only processing a part of the image? still trying to learn how layers work...
GillianSpring 8 years ago
Try searching YouTube videos. That is how learned.
Or google tutorials. I can't help you with gimp either, sorry!
Another way is to search for free "actions" (photoshop term).
Good Luck!
Layers have saved many of my photos, especially a blown out sky!
Trevor Warren Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Trevor Warren (admin) 8 years ago
I'm not an HDR expert but I am an unofficial Photoshop expert and Layers are a pretty vast topic. Maybe if we got enough people IPC could fly me out to teach a session. ;)

It sounds like what he's doing though is manually composting multiple images vs. using an automated approach (e.g. Photoshop's HDR or Photomatix) which usually come out looking unnatural. Most likely he's stacking each exposure on top of each and then masking in/out the portions of each to create the look he wants:

A pretty slap-dash job but you get the idea. This is when the art aspect of Photoshop starts to come into the equation. There's probably 10 different ways to do something similar. You may even get a similar effect without any masking and just using Layer Blending Modes.


brash recess [deleted] 8 years ago
It would be a good class to have on layers, masking, blending ect. Things we use all the time....Hint, Hint
moostang78 8 years ago
Trevor's example above is great starter for layers and masking. It has been my experience that developing in LR alone can create a lot of noise in your photos - especially if you are using a lot of presets.
lynzfotos 8 years ago
I wouldn't mind a class in this as well, Im lost in layers!

Have a happy and safe NEW YEAR!!
brash recess [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 8 years ago
ok being the background is the final piece and the layers above it are what goes on the background. If one of the layers was the hdr photo and i want to change the sky how do i do this?
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