brash recess [deleted] 6:49am, 20 December 2009
This actually intended for HDR but is also usefull in everyday shooting. Hope you like. David

1.Omit needless objects:
2.Simplicity is the heart of a great image:
3.Bold colors make bold photographs:
4.If a background doesn’t add to a scene, dump it:
5.If a background is cluttered, blurring can make it perfect:
6.Light. Where’s it coming from, how can you use it?:
7.Don’t center everything. Use the rule of thirds. It works:
8.Eyes! Watch em close, keep en sharp. They are emotion:
9.Use the “Magic Hour”. Around sunrise and sunset magical light happens:

10.Blur when used correctly, can be very powerful:
11.Keep it vivid. Watch your shutter speed, and object movement:
12.Space is valuable, but keep the scene clutter free:
13.Harsh sun can be bad. Learn to manipulate it & use shade:
14.Shadows are dramatic. Use them to add drama:
15.Clouds are your friend, they add mood & filter light:
16.Go with your gut. Have an idea? Then go for it:
17.Use the new idea, but also grab those old reliable shots.

18.If the weather is foul, it doesn’t mean the photos will be:
19.Lines lead eyes. Pay attention to where they go / intersect:
20.Change hours. Different times of day will transform a scene:
21.Editing is your friend. Learn it’s ropes & give your image what it needs:
22.Did I mention… Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity:
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Very nice of you post these points David.Hopefully others will be able to use them and enjoy the Art of HDR
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a lot mentioned here is also tought by IPC and NYIP
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