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A world in HDR by Trey Ratcliff ( AKA stuck in customs)

brash recess [deleted] says:

This book was just released a week ago. I pre ordered the book. If your interested in HDR this is the book to get. I got it at amazon.com for 30.00
He relates through pictures throughout the whole book. You will like this book
6 chapters 1. welcome to the world of HDR
2.Photography evolves
3.Q&Q vs Q&A
4. The perspective of light
5.The HDR Tutorial
6. Software and tools
What i like about it so far is how he relates to the photographs and teaches through them 200 pages of learning through pictures paractically
10:19PM, 15 December 2009 PDT (permalink)

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generationD3/D810 says:

This will be a good reading material for you david. Take the time and soak up and understand the process of HDR and it will come to you. After reading Trey's book, go back to Ferrel's book and go through step by step your begining set-up for capture...you will see the important steps that you have missed so far......snatch the "pebble" from my hand Grasshopper....think about it
105 months ago (permalink)

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