Indy Photo Coach 8:07pm, 15 December 2009
Merry Happy!

With all of the holidays that occur in December our cities and neighborhoods are filled lights, decorations and many other things that you can capture. Some tips for how you can turn those things into a great picture:

• In Manual Mode, try setting the camera to a high shutter speed
so only lights are visible and the rest of the background is dark.

• In Manual Mode, set your aperture to a wide setting (i.e. lower
number) to pleasant "bokeh" in your image.

• Look for an interesting perspective to capture. We're used to
seeing holiday decorations from the street. What are some other
less common ways you can present them in your pictures?


With the above tips in mind, take your best photo or holiday lights, decorations, etc…

Post your results before Tuesday, December 22nd and your picture could end up in our weekly newsletter!

Written by Trevor Warren
GillianSpring Posted 9 years ago. Edited by GillianSpring (member) 9 years ago
first baby...

I'm not too happy with my bokeh. I needed more lights to make it go across the frame. So, I ended up cloning a bunch of my bokeh...I think it worked out o.k. ?
Also wish I would have captured just the pug (this was a portion of my latest maternity sesh, in case you were wondering what the figure was)
brash recess [deleted] 9 years ago
ok so whats the main subject! the dog or the pregnant
actually the dog stands out more to me ( warf)
ps i have to admit though i had a candycane before dinner. There i confessed
CaShim 9 years ago
This is AWESOME! Love it all- Dog, Bokeh, Belly and Candy Cane- I'm sure she does too!
{Ashley} @ Nine 23 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by {Ashley} @ Nine 23 (member) 9 years ago
It's not that much.. just my hubby across the room from tree when we were in St. louis.

The hubbery.
buttz1969 9 years ago
Is the trick to getting the lights to become little circles of fun color in the aperture or is that achieved in post-processing?

I was playing around with my tree and I could never achieve that effect. The widest my lens will go is 2.8. Is that wide enough?

I would also like to know how you can capture lights as sort of starburst pattern.
generationD3/D810 9 years ago
buy a starburst filter
Indy Photo Coach 9 years ago
A starburst filter is one way, but a better option may be the "create your own bokeh" kit... it changes the shape of your aperture to a weird shape (running man, heart, star, etc.) and the bokeh'ed lights appear in that shape... check it out:

-IPC team
{Ashley} @ Nine 23 9 years ago
buttz1969 9 years ago
That is some neat stuff...

I think the starburst filter is what I was looking for. I am going to be in Belgium for the holidays and I think that would really add something to the night shots.

As for the bokeh, shouldn't you be able to get the circles without the kit since the aperture is already circular? That goes back to my question, is 2.8 just not wide enough to do this?

I would post my trials, but I don't have them on this computer to share.
moostang78 9 years ago
Buttz - the trick to getting nice bokeh is your focus, not your apeture. You have to use manual focus to get the effect you want. Play around with making your lens go out of focus and you'll see that your bokeh gets bigger and bigger the more out of focus it is. Bokeh is so much fun!

As far as the starburst go - you can get that in post processing.
Stewart Imagery 9 years ago
Mercury Univex
brash recess [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 9 years ago
I took these in southport on the southside
1..Christmas Decor Southport memories (1 of 1)
2.Christmas Decor Southport full (1 of 3)
3..Christmas Decor Southport home (1 of 1)
supersaxtons Posted 9 years ago. Edited by supersaxtons (member) 9 years ago
I thought the snow on the lights was fun to play with:
nathanrhoades PRO 9 years ago
Spinning Christmas Tree-1 by nathanrhoades

Tree Starburst by nathanrhoades

IMG_5930 by nathanrhoades
Stewart Imagery 9 years ago
52-10: Harmony: Cat + Bird
Yes, our tree is still will be down by the end of the weekend...hopefully!
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