Indy Photo Coach 11:59pm, 1 December 2009
DSC03584 (by MereGradle)

Sometimes you just can't get your subject away from being in front of a distracting background. When this happens, here are some tips

• Moving yourself left or right
• Getting yourself to a higher or lower position
• Using a large aperture (small number) to blur out the background.

Other things to remember are:

• The viewer's eyes goes to the object in focus.
• With a large aperture and focusing on your subject, your subject will be in focus and the background blurred.


Find a subject with a distracting background. Using a small aperture (large number), capture the image. Now, search out a perspective that minimizes the distraction. Once you find a good perspective, select a large aperture (small number) and capture the image. Compare the two images and note the differences in the background. In the first photo, you are distracted from the subject because of the background. In the second photo, with the background blurred and the subject in focus, the background is less distracting as the human eye goes to the object in focus (the subject).

Written by Ron Kness

This will be the tip in next weeks Newsletter and we plan to use one of these submissions as the example.
Serge Melki PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Indy Photo Coach (admin) 9 years ago
took this during the experience booster class at IPC. want to share it, because it is my MOST viewed shot on flickr.

IndyPhotoCoach - Erin - Portrait 5
generationD3/D810 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Indy Photo Coach (admin) 9 years ago
The Story in Her Eyes
Stewart Imagery 9 years ago
Serge, I love that shot, the bokeh and light are awesome!!!
brash recess [deleted] 9 years ago
serge thumbs up great picture
moostang78 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Indy Photo Coach (admin) 9 years ago
Mo' Joe Coffee

This background was very distracting so I used a small apeture to blur the background.
generationD3/D810 9 years ago
hows come my pick wont show me here
generationD3/D810 9 years ago
Serge....great capture and processing....must be useing Nikor glass
Indy Photo Coach 9 years ago
Fixed it for ya.
{Ashley} @ Nine 23 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by {Ashley} @ Nine 23 (member) 9 years ago
an oldie, but decent. I took this at the first IPC social I went to.

A day in the life of Izzy
bmdoty83 9 years ago
This shot was from my cousin's wedding this past October.

First Dance by bmdoty83
photo_salinas 9 years ago
Celeste76 9 years ago
Merry Happy!
Emerickhome 9 years ago
9 monthsKevin
Emerickhome 9 years ago
Serge, your picture looks like a scene from a movie. I love it!

The lamb, Celeste, is so cute! :)
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