Indy Photo Coach 5:43pm, 10 November 2009
If you've taken a class, lesson or workshop with us, now's your time to show off! Take a look back in your archives to show us how much you have improved.

We're looking to feature some "Before & After" examples. We need you to post TWO photos:

Photo 1: A photo taken BEFORE participating with IPC, showing your "beginner" habits, skill level and "snapshot" techniques.

Photo 2: The best photo you've shot SINCE participating with IPC, showing how much you've improved.

Have fun with this!
moostang78 9 years ago
I don't know if you would consider this showing off....more like improvement and growth of knowledge. Oh and don't forget - learning photoshop! ha ha.

This was taking during the IPC experience builder class. Although I don't believe it's a "bad" photo - I see things I would improve upon now.


Taken September 2009. Still more things to learn, but getting better I think.

Indy Photo Coach Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Indy Photo Coach (admin) 9 years ago
Awesome example. Great shadows and posing techniques. Love the environment too...

Obvious improvement!
Pearson,KyleD 9 years ago
I agree very nice work!
Venu_Nair PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Venu_Nair (member) 9 years ago
Here is a picture I shot after my HDR Workshop with John Perez. I did not know how to process the HDRs before the class so I do not have a "BEFORE" picture(s). The class meet my primary goal and helped me in achieving my secondary goal. My secondary goal was to figure out how to process HDRs using the QTPFSGUI open-source software. Here is what I finally got....

_KVG2541-45 - Qtpfsgui HDR - Mantiuk Tone Mapped
Emerickhome 9 years ago
Before: Annual Thanksgiving Picture. It is extremely dark, orange, and only a couple people are in focus. Also, this photo has been edited and corrected the best I could.

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Now, 1 week after fundamentals class:

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