Indy Photo Coach 5:01pm, 4 November 2009
IMG_2713 (by mom2tylerwolf)

Many photographers get into a rut of always taking pictures straight-on and from eye-level while standing.While this is O.K. once in awhile, always taking "bulls-eyed" and straight-on shots leads to dull and un-interesting pictures. By changing your viewpoint, and using the rule of thirds, you will add a new zest to your pictures. Try these techniques:

* Shooting straight-on, but from a lower location, such as from your knees

* Shooting straight-on from a higher location, such as standing up a few stair-steps higher, from a ladder or from higher ground.

* Shooting from either one side or the other

* Shooting a combination (from either side and from either a higher or lower viewpoint).


For this assignment, choose a stationary subject and capture pictures using the rule of thirds and all four perspective tips, plus a straight-on eye-level "bulls-eye" shot. Evaluate the resulting pictures and note the difference in each perspective. Notice how your perspective shots have more viewer appeal than the bulls-eye photo.

Have fun!
Written by Ron Kness
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Flag dif perspective by CaShim
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an eyes view1
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higher view point
Me and My Big Sis
overhead view point
Macy in the Fall
I think one of the fun-est [sic] things about photography is looking at different ways to shoot.

Looking straight down:
Dr Freezo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Dr Freezo (member) 9 years ago
I believe that a unique perspective is one of most important aspects of taking an effective photograph. This capture would not have worked near as well had I shot it straight on. The angle and perspective puts Hanna's face roughly in one of the intersecting points of a "rule of thirds" grid. Also, I believe that the angled background creates additional interest.
Need a hug, Sister ?
Serge Melki PRO 9 years ago
took this while sitting on the floor.
Beit Eddine - Entrance
Serge Melki PRO 9 years ago
put the cam on the table and tilted it up to grab the ceiling and the vase

Flowers under the chandelier
mom2tylerwolf 9 years ago
Laying on my back, looking straight up. Not sure how I feel about this view.

Trevor Warren 9 years ago
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