Indy Photo Coach 4:59am, 28 October 2009
It’s that time of year again where little creatures from beyond will comb through neighborhoods in search of snack sized candy. It’s also a good time to try out some trick photography since your best props are already out and ready to go!

Here are a couple of ideas:

Ghastly Lighting
Creative use of lighting was the main way Hollywood scared us before the era of computer generated monsters. A lot of flashes today can be triggered wirelessly for some great effects but even a strategically placed and relatively bright flashlight can do the job. Experiment with different lighting angles and ways of composing image. Sometimes less is more!

Ghostly Motion
The same technique we use to get silky waterfalls can also create the translucent and formless ghost image we're so accustomed to seeing. The principal is the same, you stabilize your camera on a tripod or anything else sturdy and set your shutter speed at a rate too slow to freeze the moving object -- the moving object is blurred while the background remains sharp.


Show us your best spookiest image using one or both of the techniques mentioned above. This is an all-ages group so nothing too gruesome. ;)

Have fun!

Written by Trevor Warren
moostang78 9 years ago
I actually did these photos before this assignment posted. It was going to be Steve's Halloween photo. However, I am very unsure of the content and will promptly take it down if inappropriate. Please feel free to delete this entry if it is too controversial.


Trevor Warren 9 years ago
People hanging are pretty common in haunted houses. Given the context I think you're in the clear.

When I said that I was thinking more about graphic blood and guts. ;)

Pearson,KyleD 9 years ago
Taken at the Morris Buttler House durring From the Dark Pages. The maid is quite a bit a live but with the poor lighting, high ISO, and post processing I created a "ghostly" type of image. Could be interputed as just a vintage or distressed look.
Stewart Imagery 9 years ago
Not sure if this counts, it's not necessarily haunting, but oh well!
Who you gonna call?  I ain't 'fraid of no ghosts!
moostang78 9 years ago
Stephanie - awesome bokeh!
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