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Life's a Beach (by moostang78)

All digital cameras have a feature called focus lock. The point of focus is taken off of whatever is inside the circle or rectangle in the center of your viewfinder when you press the shutter button.

Focus lock works great if your subject is in the center of your viewfinder; it doesn’t work if your subject is not in the viewfinder’s center. To use focus lock with subjects off to the side:

* set up the scene in your viewfinder

* place the circle or rectangle in your viewfinder on your subject

* press the shutter button half-way down and continue holding

* with the shutter button still held half-way down, re-position your subject in your viewfinder

* finish pressing the shutter button all the way.

If you have your subject off to the side first, and then press the shutter button, your background will be in focus, but your subject will be blurry. Using focus lock will improve your subject clarity and ad excitement to your photos.


Take a photo of a subject off to the side using the above focus lock steps.

Have fun!

Written by Ron Kness
bmdoty83 9 years ago
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Dr Freezo 9 years ago
I utilize this focus-lock process fairly extensively in my work in that rarely is my point of interest located in the center of the image. The photo below is an example. As you can see, I've utilized a number of other processing techniques as well.

"He did it !"
Trevor Warren 9 years ago
Focus Lock Example
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