mom2tylerwolf 2:49am, 5 October 2009
Hi! I am Kelly, and I have been lurking quite a bit for a little while. I took the fundamentals class in August. I have enjoyed looking at everyone's work. Hopefully, my skills will increase to the point where I feel comfortable participating in the assignments, social shoots, and contests. I just wanted to finally say hello and introduce myself.

Mr. Mysterious 9 years ago
Welcome Kelly!
generationD3/D810 9 years ago
don;t hide in the shadows...jump in with both feet !!!
shelbyR 9 years ago
Hello, welcome
Most everyone here is very receptive to questions. Everyone here remembers when they were in your position. Don't be afraid to ask any questions.
Remember this..." you get out what you put in"
If you take pictures regularly and try new things you will succeed.

mom2tylerwolf 9 years ago
Thanks, guys! I am working as much as possible on photos, but I have a 2.5 year old and a 4 month old that take up the majority of my time. I have lots of pics of the though, LOL!!

But I do have a maternity, newborn, and wedding shoot coming up. That should be fun, but, oh so scary at the same time!
brash recess [deleted] 9 years ago
Welcome aboard Kelly. We have a great bunch of photographers here in IPC. They have classes that can bring the best out of your experience in shooting. Any questions fire away. You may want to think about there light class because there everything comes together for you. Lighting to photography is paint to an artist
moostang78 9 years ago
Welcome Kelly! Shoot and post away. Don't be shy. We are all still learning. I have learned it is a never ending growth. Try it and learn from it. Everyone is very nice and everyone has their own little niches of expertise. Ask questions and shoot away! Welcome to the group. Hope to see you at some social gatherings. :o)
{hbphotography} 9 years ago
Hi Kelly :) The IPC Flickr group is a great resource for inspiration, advice, constructive criticism and support! Welcome!
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