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CLOSED Assignment: DIY Snoot Photography

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Indy Photo Coach is a group administrator Indy Photo Coach says:

Using a snoot with your cameras flash is a simple and effective way to add dramatic lighting to an image or simply have more control over where the light will appear in an image. A snoot is loosely defined as any type of round tube attached to the end of a flash gun or even your cameras built-in flash.

If you've never used one before you can make your own in about 5 minutes. Below are two types, one of which I've actually used in real life (guess which one).

"Bottle Snoot"
If have a flash gun you can easily make very good and durable snoot for it from a bottle of rubbing alcohol and duct tape (or anything else that will keep light from escaping).

"Roll Snoot"
I wouldn't call this example "ready for prime time" but it worked pretty well considering it's nothing more than a cardboard paper towel tube with a slot cut out for the cameras built-in flash.

You can find a hundred other approaches to making one of these out of different materials but the end results is pretty much the same. The only significant variable with these is the length of the snoot (longer snoot = smaller beam of light – shorter snoot = wider beam of light).


1. Make a snoot if you don't already have one.

2. Use it to capture an image for one of the following purposes:

a. Adding drama to a portrait or scene

b. Selectively isolating a subject in an environment that would otherwise be too "busy" (i.e. similar to how you would use Depth of Field to isolate a subject)

3. Post your results in the Flickr thread!

Have fun!

Written by Trevor Warren
4:21PM, 22 September 2009 PDT (permalink)

brash recess [deleted] says:

Took several shots but this was my favDanny
One of Zadokie
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moostang78 says:

Pink Splash

Purple Passion

Rainbow Bright


Used a snoot-ish type set up for these (I think I used an old check box) to focus the flash on the smoke. Then I changed the colors in PS.
107 months ago (permalink)

brash recess [deleted] says:


1. go to michaels and buy a black foam sheet 8 1/2 x 11
2. cut it the desired size you want then add 2" to fit over your external light. Fold it around the light tight then once you have desired size add 1" to it for overlapping purpose then cut it.
3.the same isle you bought the foam paper the glue for it is there as well. Run a bead along the edge but be careful you don't run over. Lay a book over it let it set up 4 hours over night would be better.
4 your ready to go. slide it over your light good and snug. For storage just fold it store it on the side of your bag. It won't hurt it to do this.
If you don't want to use the glue then use a stapler. its that simple. I chose to use dark blue. Go Colts :)
Originally posted 107 months ago. (permalink)
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Indy Photo Coach is a group administrator Indy Photo Coach says:

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moostang78 says:

Shooter - Use custom gradient colors in PS.
107 months ago (permalink)

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Lisa Rooney Photography says:

Rainy day with no way to go out and shoot like I wanted so here's my interpretation with a Pringles can.

BEFORE - no snoot - pop up flash - no post work


AFTER - Pringles snoot - no post work

107 months ago (permalink)

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