Penalty Box Productions PRO 2:25pm, 12 August 2009
My church has asked me to take candid photos of our congregation, which includes minors. It would be extremely difficult to have everyone sign a model release form, especially if we have visitors that are captured in one of the group shots. Also due to our size, it's going to be impossible to know who everyone is. Would a blanket statement published to all regular attenders suffice? Having never done this before for such a large group, I'm unsure of the protocol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
generationD3/D810 9 years ago
unless you plan to sell any of these photo in a retail release is needed.
Oh, thank you so much for the information.
generationD3/D810 9 years ago
what I ment weas if they arn't used in a commerical venture(promotional or such) release is not needed
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