nathanrhoades PRO 12:55am, 9 August 2009
Attended the Sports Photography course today with Walt Kuhn. Thought I'd try to start posting to see pictures from each of the students that attended.

I'll start out with the ones I've Posted on the IPC group pool.
IMG_0562 copy by nathanrhoades
IMG_0602 copy by nathanrhoades
IMG_0573 copy by nathanrhoades
IMG_0572 copy by nathanrhoades
IMG_0437 copy by nathanrhoades
IMG_0410 copy by nathanrhoades

OK, I had to photoshop these to bring out some color and crop them to fill the frame! But I think a few came out OK!
prkmd 9 years ago
I also enjoyed this class.

girls soccer 2
jborsos 9 years ago
I learned a few things during this class too. I'll be shooting a high school football game Friday night. Should be fun.
DSC_4305 by jborsos

DSC_4251_edited-1 by jborsos
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