Indy Photo Coach 11:34pm, 7 July 2009
Out of the Shadows...
Photo by: Mike470

Before you start shooting night photos, there are the three important things to remember:

*Disable your flash

*Use your tripod

*Use your self-timer

By disabling your flash, you can capture rich color detail and motion will show as a blur. Because you are not using flash, you will be using extremely slow shutter speeds making using a tripod a must. With night photography it is easy to create unwanted camera movement when pressing the shutter button. Prevent this by using your self-timer.

In night photography, you want as much light as possible striking the sensor. Use a wide-open aperture, such as f4, to let in the maximum amount of light and an extremely slow shutter speed anywhere from 2 to 10 seconds depending on how much light is available. If your DSLR has a night-synch mode, try using it. Otherwise, use manual mode. Choose an ISO of 100 or 200. Too high of an ISO coupled with long exposures creates grain and noise.

This assignment involves finding a brightly lit night scene. A ferris wheel at a county or state fair makes an excellent subject. With your camera mounted on a tripod and your DSLR set at the above settings, practice shooting night scenes from various angles and shutter speeds. Be sure to bring a small flashlight so that you can see your camera controls.

By Ron Kness
supersaxtons 9 years ago
Watching the fireworks...
Watching fireworks at the beach by supersaxtons
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Fireworks in Indianapolis 8
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_KVG1738 - 2009 Bartholomew County 4-H Fair
Equipment used : Nikon D700. Nikon 50mm F/1.4G lens, Nikon MC 30 Remote control and Tripod
Exposure : 4 seconds shutter speed, F/8, ISO 100 and WB:Incand
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