Indy Photo Coach 8:24pm, 16 June 2009

In landscape photography, one important aspect is horizon placement. Proper horizon placement makes it easy for viewers to orient themselves to the subject. Before you position a horizon, ask yourself “What is my subject?” Once you have identified your subject, horizon placement is easy.

  •  If the subject is above the horizon, place the horizon low in the viewfinder.

  •  If the subject is below the horizon, place the horizon high in the viewfinder.

For example, if a snow-capped mountain reflected in a still pond is your subject, horizon placement would be high in your image. On the other hand, if a beautiful cloud formation in the sky caught your eye and made you want to stop and photograph the landscape, then place the horizon low in the image. The general rule is 1/3rd – 2/3rds. The area having the subject gets 2/3rd of the frame while the area without the subject gets the remaining 1/3rd. The mistake many photographers make is positioning the horizon in the middle of the image making it difficult to identify the subject.

This assignment involves choosing a bright sunny day with big puffy white clouds in a blue sky. While looking through the viewfinder of your DSLR, select an interesting cloud formation. Concentrate on positioning the horizon in the lower 1/3rd of the frame. Shoot the image. Next take that same cloud formation, but this time place the horizon in the upper 1/3rd of the frame. Shoot this image also. Compare the two images and you will quickly see how the first one is visually much better than the second one.

By Ron Kness
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Perfect! Great example of a "balanced" image.
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I love this shot. I took it on one of our class assignments with my 85mm lens
Bryan peterson said: that in order to get a level shot sometimes you have to go high or low elevations to make it even at the risk of looking stupid as you can see on this train shot i had to get on top of the box to" take the shot"

horse ride by capital
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IMG_7805 by nathanrhoades

IMG_7801 by nathanrhoades
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