Indy Photo Coach 7:46pm, 21 April 2009
The one thing that has most improved my photography is learning to shoot in manual mode. In "M" you choose the shutter and the aperture and the iso and have complete control over all aspects of the image. Ask yourself a few questions and then set your camera to give you the perfect shot:

  •  What sort of depth of field are you looking for?
  •  How high do you need your shutter to avoid camera shake?
  •  Look at the scene- is there anything very bright or very dark that you need to compensate for?
  •  How close will you be to the subject?

It takes some practice- especially in conditions where the light changes frequently. But take some time to try M mode this week- take your camera everywhere, and soon it will be second nature.

By Stacy Newgent
GillianSpring Posted 9 years ago. Edited by GillianSpring (member) 9 years ago
miss b...
wow....m mode is amazing! I wish I could be faster at it. I feel like I am adjusting my little exposure wheel 980 degrees before each shot....

mind over matter...
Stewart Imagery 9 years ago
Girls just wanna have fun
moostang78 9 years ago
Great job ladies. Queens of Manual Mode - I still suck. :o(
Venu_Nair PRO 9 years ago
All Manual Pictures:
_KVG0579 - Iris
_KVG0389 - IndyFlickrMeetup - Horse Barn
_KVG0482 - IndyFlickrMeetup - Horse Barn

My camera is always on manual mode, very rarely use A or S mode and never used the P mode.
photo_salinas 9 years ago
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