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{Ashley} @ Nine 23 2:38am, 7 April 2009
If this kind of question is not allowed here, feel free to delete this post and I apologize.

I was just asked to take engagement pictures at the Dunes because the couple wants "beach" pictures. This is a bit of a stretch. If I'm correct that is a 5 hour drive. The couple has offered to drive, but that is 10 hours of driving for an hour or two of shooting.

I just do not think that is plausible for me. I am trying to think of other beaches in Indiana closer that we could go to. Does anyone have any suggestions? Does Eagle Creek have a beach?
Indy Photo Coach 9 years ago
This is a great question! I don't know of any other beaches, but there certainly are plenty of "nature" locations if that's what they're looking for...
A good substitute more local may be some parks that have rivers or streams. I know Mooresville's Pioneer Park has a stream with a decently wide sandy bank that I've used before.

(I wouldn't drive 10 hours for a shoot like that :) )

moostang78 9 years ago
I know some of the resevoirs around Indiana have some beaches. Specifically, White Water State Park and Brookeville Reservoir. I am not sure if Geist does or not. Keep in mind, they are not "true" beaches and they do not compare, by any means, to Indiana Dunes. I also would not drive 10 hours for that shoot.
diong 9 years ago
If river would work, try Holliday Park, go down the trails to the banks of the White River, pretty amazing there early in the morning.
Stewart Imagery 9 years ago
Morse Reservoir in Noblesville has some sand, and you can see amazing sunsets there. Like Moostang78 said, this won't be beachy, but maybe your clients would compromise.
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