brash recess [deleted] 4:59am, 2 April 2009
Last year i bought a 30d canon. What i found out it was a gray maket camera sold as a new one. After going rounds with these people they are willing to trade (!00.00 more) my 30d for a 40d canon. Its a reman. but its still worth it plus my insurance will be transferred as well.
You have no idea how i'm happy about this. The canon 40d is one of the best cameras ever put together by canon and one of the top cameras in the world. ( PTL)
brash recess [deleted] 9 years ago
wow! this baby rocks. Big difference between the 30d and 40d. What i like the most is being able to use the rule of thirds with the auto viewer like a point and shoot camera then lock in my shot. Everything about this camera is user friendly.
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