{Ashley} @ Nine 23 3:34am, 24 March 2009
I was thinking of signing up for the beginners class because I am new to photography. I thought I was doing so-so on my own and only needed a little help, until I recently did a photo shoot for a friend this past weekend.

I'm looking through all these photos saying to myself, "That's not what I saw through my lens!" lol I need major help with my composition. I have great (or what I think are great) ideas in my head, but can't seem to line them up with the camera.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. What I'm wondering is, is this first class for me or will I be left in the dust? Is it for true beginners? If anyone can share how it helped you I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks. :)
RGEEBLUES 9 years ago
Hopefully others will offer their opinions, but I would definitely try out the class. I took it last year and it was worth it. If you want to improve as a photographer, I would start there. You will learn the basics on composition, depth-of -field, camera functions, etc. Good luck!
brash recess [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 9 years ago
Good hands on class. if your not familiar with your camera and how it works you will be. There's a lot in this class that you can take with you in your photography journey. but bring some kind of recorder with you so you can review what you've learned. David throws a lot at you in 2 hours ( 2hours is an exaggeration, "its longer") great hands on class. you'll also learn about lighting, Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO how to use the creative side of your camera not the point and shoot side only. Plus you will have at your disposal to learn from others as well. Not only that theres much more He covers and once your done with the course you can go back and review what you've learned then come back here and post Questions..
PS Photgrapghy can be extremely addicting...:)
GillianSpring 9 years ago
Take it!

I knew NOTHING about photography. The instructors are good at keeping the pace with what the students need. You get the basics and then some! Well worth it! And it's so affordable and FUN! Also a great way to meet others like yourself. :O)
shelbyR 9 years ago
You should do it, definitely!

If your skeptical take the Race for the Cure workshop. It's free and it will give you an idea of what Indy Photo Coach is all about. You will also meet lots of helpful people, and get, face to face, unbiased opions about IPC.

Don't worry about it being over your head, it is the beginner class.

shuttermamaw PRO 9 years ago
I have been teaching myself also. I understand Depth of field, Shutter speed and aperture (I think). I take good portraits but I want to take great one. Is this the class for me or should I take the Experience Booster?
moostang78 9 years ago
Shutter and Nine - I would highly recommend these classes. It really does help you get more familiar with not only the basics of photography, but also functions of your camera that allow you to take the "basics" to another level.

Nine - I would suggest the beginner's class before the experienced because the experienced class is basically all types of different situations using the basics information. In the beginner's class there is only one class focused on DoF, shutter speed and aperture. (If my memory serves me right.) Other classes show you how to apply different shutter speeds and apertures to create certain effects and how to control them. Even if you already know the basics, you will learn something at the beginners class.

These classes are very inexpensive for the wealth of knowledge you get. All the instructors are wonderful (well the three I know anyway, DJ, Jeff & John). They are very good at returning e-mails and calls and make themselves available for questions at all times.
{Ashley} @ Nine 23 9 years ago
Thanks everyone for your responses. I am most definately sold on this class now. =D

Shuttermamaw, if you decide to take the beginners class.. maybe I'll see you there. :)
Stewart Imagery 9 years ago
I agree with what the others posted. I took the beginner, experience, and most recently the wedding class. I learned so much in the beginner class, that only fueled my thirst to learn more, and now I'm pursuing it as my career. I highly recommend the basics class to get introduced to your camera. The better you know what your camera can do, the more you can control and get the results that you want. And all of that helps in the experience class. The teachers I've had (DJ for the basics and experience classes) and Kevin (for the wedding class) really know their stuff, and love to share their knowledge and answer any questions. They'll repeat stuff until you understand 100%. And, yes, it's true, photography is addicting!
brash recess [deleted] 9 years ago
The basic class covers a whole lot in 4 weeks personally i think it should be 6 to 8 weeks. They cover a lot of material in 4 weeks. What it did for me is fuel my desire to learn even more. Great place to start if anything for the hands on experience
The Roost Fine Art 9 years ago
I just signed up for the beginner's class starting 4/6. Hope to see some of you there!
I just signed up too, and have all the same concerns. i get excited just talking about photography! i just hope i can absorb and retain all the info. i'm also excited to meet people that love it too! see there!
brash recess [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey do we get commision for help signing people up...lol :)
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