shooting in Raw

brash recess [deleted] 3:06am, 16 March 2009
I've found that shooting in Raw is so much better. It gives me more to work with the photos especially color. I use ACDSee pro and i love it. Although i have Avairy and pay monthly for the software i still havn't used it. lol. I purchased the book: More then one way to skin a Cat. Still havn.t had the time to read it though. I am learning more about photography and more OJT through IPC.
If anyone has benifited from Raw let me know. David
moostang78 9 years ago
I also shoot in RAW sometimes. Depends on what my purpose of the photo is. I noticed also, you do have greater capabilities with modification in RAW. Again, Sony's have weird software as well so it took me a while to learn how to process them. I am a pro now though.....well, maybe not a pro, but at least I know how :o)
brash recess [deleted] 9 years ago
How do you like your sony? I wanted to get the A700 but i decided on canon though. Its kind of weird they took that model off the market.
From what i understand bestbuy there biggest distrubuter wanted more the a350 because of cost but go figure the a900 is almost 3000.00.
Now back to raw. I love it and will only shoot in raw now. Not only that but after using raw form it saves in JPG. go figure. Thats o k though because raw is to many mbs. I was able to get a 16gig card sanddisk extreme 3 for 80.00 online through
Venu_Nair PRO 9 years ago
I always shoot RAW -

You can save yourself if you made a mistake. For one stage event shoot, I set my WB to fluroscent light and ended up messing up my pictures. I could not see the dif on the LCD screen. Lucky I shot in RAW, so Capture NX saved my name. I was able to easily swich the WB and add +1EV to all 250 pictures (batch processed).
brash recess [deleted] 9 years ago
venu yes i learned that last night. My wb was set to 3850 instead of 5200. I like the ability to see how different lighting segments work on the photo also saturation is a plus...
RAW is the ONLY way to go, as long as you use a computer that's set up to deal with your RAW format. I've been shooting RAW+JPEG since I bought my first Nikon last year and recently switched to shooting RAW-only, since I've gotten comfortable using Lightroom as my central workflow manager. I can't think of any good reason to bother capturing JPEGs, when I always do some tweaking before exporting it from LR.
scubasteven74 9 years ago
I haven't shot a JPEG since losing a whole day's photos, due to incorrect camera settings, last spring. Digital storage is so inexpensive that there is no reason not to shoot RAW if your camera will do it.
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