Indy Photo Coach 7:24pm, 5 March 2009
I think we all have those pictures taken from an airplane window that turned out to be lackluster compared to what we saw with our own eyes (pretty much how it always is I guess).

Helen Bradley at wrote a nice tutorial for retouching those photos using Photoshop however the same process can be done in the free Photoshop alternative Gimp (Gnu Image Manipulation Program).

Happy shooting!



"One of the cool things about getting a window seat in an airplane is that you get a unique opportunity to photograph things from a high vantage point. On the flipside, when you get them home you often find photos taken from the air look washed out and the colour is poor. Luckily there is not much that Photoshop can’t recover provided the photographs are in focus. So if you scored a window seat lately and if you have images that fix, I'll show you the Photoshop tools you need to fix them.

Understand the problems
Most airplane photos look washed out and they don’t have the richness of colour that you might expect them to have. The first step in fixing them is to boost the tonal range in the image using a levels adjustment - a by product of this is that the colour gets a boost."

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GillianSpring 9 years ago
5 Situations to Use Manual Focus...
one includes airplane photos! Enjoy!
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