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Assignment: Overexposed

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Indy Photo Coach is a group administrator Indy Photo Coach says:

When you're first learning the basics of exposure, over or underexposed images are unintentional... but after you get the hang of it, they can be tools of design. Try intentionally overexposing an image and post your best one here.

For example:

By Almost August:

Here's a reminder how to post to the assignment:
1. Become a Flickr member.

2. Take a self-portrait and upload it to your Flick account

3. On that photo's page, click the "all sizes" tab

4. Choose "Small"

5. Under the photo, it will say "Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage" - Select and copy that text.

6. Go to THIS post and in the "reply" box, paste the HTML script. Feel free to include a few comments about the shot after it.

7. Use the 'preview' function to make sure it worked, or click "post now" to submit it to the discussion!
9:11PM, 3 March 2009 PDT (permalink)

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Hannah Hilliard says:

114 months ago (permalink)

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Pearson,KyleD says:

Some kind of crazy flatland stuff
114 months ago (permalink)

brash recess [deleted] says:

This was taken while i was at a customers house today. When i finished i noticed the squirrel and got a good shot in actually i should of used my monipod. something that takes getting use to doing
squirel shot 3-7-09
Originally posted 114 months ago. (permalink)
brash recess edited this topic 114 months ago.

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moostang78 says:


Old photo, but fits in this assignment.
114 months ago (permalink)

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diong says:

114 months ago (permalink)

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Stewart Imagery says:

SOOC - original photo before Sepia Chic

Slightly overexposed.
113 months ago (permalink)

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agnisflugen says:

this was one of my first attempts ever at shooting in black and white...all my shots during this time either came out too dark, or too light...in fact, i still haven't been able to get it just right.....alot of times i now resort to converting the photo to greyscale after shooting it in color...but eventually i'd really like to get the hang of shooting in black and white...i just gotta figure out the "f stop" thing a ma bob....

Originally posted 113 months ago. (permalink)
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shelbyR says:

Here is a blooming tree pic. I focus and metered on the buds and the sky is overexposed. Notice how the sky is blue, only around the branches.

In bloom
113 months ago (permalink)

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The Roost Fine Art says:

This photo was a little blurry due to movement, so I TOTALLY overexposed it to hide the blur. The result is very grainy but in a "pop-art" kind of way. I actually like the way it turned out.

Day #105 (9.14.08)
113 months ago (permalink)

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Brian Grissom says:

I overexposed this in camera to get a more over the top sun flare.

113 months ago (permalink)

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adore318 says:


This view immediately caught my eye as I passed by. Only wish I had known how to avoid the over exposure at the top. That's why I am taking the Fundamentals class next month.
112 months ago (permalink)

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