Indy Photo Coach 8:53pm, 15 February 2009
A message from Kyle Pearson:

Not sure how many people would be interested. I'm not
advertising for Lensbaby, just passing this on to you as
I've found it.

I called Lensbaby last week and found out while ordering a
Muse that they have the Original Lensbaby for sale for only
$45. If you do not know what a lensbaby is, please google
it. The original LB uses a single non coated piece of
glass which unlike the newer models can not be changed out.
I was told they had them in stock in Nikon, Cannon, and
Sony mounts. From what i've seen and heard from other users
the single glass element give an antique look and feel to
the pictures so b&w should be fun. I have an OGLB on
order as well. If anything It would be fun to modify.

For ordering the Original Lensbaby, you must call them at
their Portland location. From what I understand there are
no web orders, it is not even listed on their website.
Serge Melki PRO 9 years ago
I have one and I love it.
got it on ebay for $40.00
moostang78 9 years ago
Not sure what a Lensbaby does - will have to look it up. Serge - OF COURSE you have one!
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