Assignment: Fire

Indy Photo Coach 9:30pm, 2 December 2008
'Tis the season for fireplaces, hot cocoa, & chimneys. Use those great creative skills for a shot of some sort of fire. Fireplaces, candles, matches, campfires, etc. Just don't get hurt!

Here's a reminder how to post to the assignment:
1. Become a Flickr member.

2. Take a self-portrait and upload it to your Flick account

3. On that photo's page, click the "all sizes" tab

4. Choose "Small"

5. Under the photo, it will say "Copy and paste this HTML into your webpage" - Select and copy that text.

6. Go to THIS post and in the "reply" box, paste the HTML script. Feel free to include a few comments about the shot after it.

7. Use the 'preview' function to make sure it worked, or click "post now" to submit it to the discussion!
Serge Melki PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Serge Melki (member) 10 years ago
I'm afraid, Santa will be late this year. One of his reindeer is stuck at my place doing shots of Jack. Sorry kids!

Santa's missing reindeer

Indy Photo Coach Grp: You are privy to be the first to see my customized Christmas Card for this year. so Merry Christmas Everyone. and may the new year be full of success, happiness and Bokeh.!
Indy Photo Coach 10 years ago
Fire! (1 of 1)
This happened last week on Thursday cooking a turkey...

just kidding... but I did get the fog machine back out. :)
moostang78 10 years ago

Hard to get a fire burning when it is cold out!
brash recess [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 10 years ago
Burning wood i gather. Tried to crop it to make a story
burning wood
GillianSpring 10 years ago
ring of fire
taken back in July (finally uploaded from external hard drive)
slow shutter and moved my camera
(thank goodness my camera still works)
Serge Melki PRO 10 years ago
Looking at Gillian's really cool photo above, reminded me of a shot I took back in August and would like to share. Thanks

Hooka (Argile) Time
Troy Spring 10 years ago
Driveby I-465
Venu_Nair PRO 10 years ago
jamiesimage 10 years ago

fire it girls lol
Daryl C H Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Daryl C H (member) 10 years ago
moostang78 9 years ago
Technically it is smoke, but it could pass as "fire"

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