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Indy Photo Coach 1:08am, 24 November 2008
We're getting close to the end of the year, and we here at Indy Photo Coach are pondering a few different classes to offer next year.

Are there any subjects or topics you would be interested in?

How about specific opportunities? Is there something you've been dying to try or a place to shoot?
Serge Melki PRO 10 years ago
My dream is to shoot the Machu Pichu Ruins in Peru.
I've been wanting to go there since I was 8.

can we have a class there?
Indy Photo Coach 10 years ago
Serge, If you can get a group of at least 5 people to go, we'll go. :)
brash recess [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by brash recess (member) 10 years ago
well now that your asking, A good excursion and a good 2 day getaway would be Niagara falls. The reason i bring that up is when i bought my van i had to go to NY to pick it up. On the way back we stopped off at Niagara falls, real close to buffalo and you have so many shots and opportunities to photograph. I would love the chance to get back there.
As far as a Class i would say one on Lighting. My 2 cents worth. David
ps. also we stopped by buffalo bills stadium and me and my son planned on mooning them. Well my son did and i have a shot of that. But security was heading towards us we had to move quickly.
moostang78 10 years ago
Lighting would be a good one and I am interested. Actually seeing different techniques and equipment for achieving product lighting, portrait lighting, techniques for reflectors vs. umbrellas, etc. etc.

Serge - I know someone that did the Machu Pichu Ruins last year. I could get info on it if you are interested. I would be game for going. Fresh new passport - all ready to use! :o)

I see things and then wonder how they are achieved...maybe I'll think of another idea later.
moostang78 10 years ago
Oh and I would be up for going anywhere that is kinda off beat and not so touristy. We have all seen pictures of the tourist stuff....let's go somewhere we can get pictures that people will say "Wow look what this class did."
GillianSpring 10 years ago
Yes, lighting !
Serge Melki PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Serge Melki (member) 10 years ago
I agree with moostang and Gillian

I would like to see a class on lighting, flash -- maybe in the format of 30-45min going over nomenclature, setups, different models/equipment, techniques (how to shoot objects, close-ups, portrait etc..)
and then do a practice class for the remaining time. this can be achieved in-doors.

as for Machu... thanks for the suggestion. it's not the info i am lacking. it is Time. so many things to do so little time.. :-)
GillianSpring 10 years ago
OOOOOand maybe we could make some lighting gadgets DIY style to test out and take with :o)
lndz919 10 years ago
I like the idea of a class over lighting definately!! I also really like the different photo excursions, i.e night shoorting, brown county. It might be nice to try and do one photo excursion a month. Some local example locations could be IMA grounds, Chirstmas at the Zoo, Marion Library, sporting event, Irish/Rib Fest, etc. We could revisit topics like architecture or photojournalism within a different setting. Just a thought!!
brash recess [deleted] 10 years ago
How about a class on photo shots. Expanding our horizon on what we shoot other then what were accustomed to shooting in our own environment. Broaden the horizons so to speak. This is something i am working on myself because at first it was the animals ( 8
+ 1 cat) and sporting events. Although i have to give credit due where its due. John has helped me out in this arena.
moostang78 10 years ago
Oh oh - I thought of another one - Abstract. I think we were supposed to do something along those lines during the experienced class and we didn't get a chance. I would still love to do it though!
Venu_Nair PRO 10 years ago
Action photos - say shoot some kids in a skate park, or shoot a race at Indy Speedway or other track in Indy, or horse racing at IndianaDowns
GillianSpring 10 years ago
2 for 1 action....My husband plays rugby at Lake Sullivan on Cold Spring (across from Marian College) and there is also a skate park in the back 40!!! Just and idea...:0) "spring" season for sure
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