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  • SAVE bitmap or png.with incendiaNext

    Good evening, with incendiaNext I can not save the image in bpm or png, the sc...

    jeanmilout41 months ago0 replies

  • rendering time with Incendia

    First, I am a beginner. I started a render of my first idea. After 45 minutes ...

    jphoto400@sbcglobal.net49 months ago2 replies

  • Geometrica crashes

    Hi Incendiacs, I'm trying to export fractals from Incendia to Geometrica, but...

    -Dermis-49 months ago3 replies

  • Geometrica Question

    Hi there :) I am just starting out with Incendia and I can't figure out how to g...

    Elvyness68 months ago0 replies

  • Incendia EX V - donors hi-Rez version delivery?

    I made a donation and downloaded Incendia on Sunday 5 Jan but so far the Hi-Rez ...

    Martin Cooper Ipswich72 months ago1 replies

  • New Incendia Fan need a info about ....

    Hi all here. Can anyone tell how to render incendia made pic in blender? I stil...

    abundant actor74 months ago2 replies

  • Reselect a baseshape

    When putting together shapes, is there a way to reselect previous shapes to say ...

    vivienrk80 months ago0 replies

  • higher resolution keeps crashing program

    hi new to incendia and this group.I made a donation to incendia and I was under...

    Leonaleo84 months ago0 replies

  • Please help

    Hallo Freunde, gibt es eine deutsche Übersetzung der Bedienungsanleilung von...

    ruddy cakes93 months ago3 replies

  • Incendia Ex

    A new version of Incendia (Incendia Ex) is available yet!

    Wuniatu96 months ago3 replies

  • Colors in Incendia

    Is there a way to make each base shape a different color? All I can get is the ...

    curlytate97 months ago3 replies

  • Incendia 1.5

    I have just started playing with this and cannot find how to save the complete i...

    newleaveschange101 months ago1 replies

  • New to Incendia

    I just discovered Incendia a couple of weeks ago...what an incredible program......

    sunburst11102 months ago1 replies

  • Hi and the inevitable question

    I've just started playing with Incendia, and the second thing I did, was join th...

    mseidman107 months ago1 replies

  • I hav Incendia fer 1yr now !!!!....YEA!!! 1yr anniversary...been obsessed a year n a daze !! between my bro n me...

    Zone Patcher119 months ago1 replies

  • Moving Base Shapes Behind other base shapes??

    How does one change the positions of base shapes so that one or more are in fron...

    ⓅⒶⓎⓅⒶⓊⓁ119 months ago1 replies

  • Incendia 1.3

    Dear Friends I have updated Incendia to version 1.3, so you can download it f...

    Aexion.ages ago3 replies

  • Help Please!!

    I have seen some truly amazing Incendia works here on Flickr, and was quick to d...

    PhotoMasterGregages ago14 replies

  • Aexion Has Landed!

    The creator of Incendia, Aexion, is now a member and has posted a few of his tot...

    Anua22aages ago0 replies

  • Thank you for the invite!

    I'm very new to this program, and still 'finding my feet' but it's fun experimen...

    sue tortoiseages ago2 replies

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